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The Most Common Types of Casual Sex Explained

casual sex

Casual sex is part of modern dating. Most people have experience casual sex in some form, with younger generations embracing casual dating more than any previous, making it a common part of dating life in the 21st century.

In fact, casual sex is so common that it comes in many forms! Some types of casual sex are long-term while others are short-term, with some even being done in a matter of hours. These different terms share many similarities but have some notable differences, so if you are thinking of dipping your toe into the waters of casual sex, it does help to know what these are so you know what to expect!

Of course, if you decide to pursue any of these, make sure you protect yourself and only do it if you are comfortable and ready, as casual sex is not for everyone!

Check out the three types of casual sex explained below:

FWB - Friends with Benefits

Friends with benefits, as the name suggests, involves casual sex with a friend you already know. This is perhaps the most distinct of any type of casual sex, as it occurs in a unique situation where two friends decide to have a sexual relationship.

However, it differs from a romantic relationship in that there is no romance beyond the sex. It all purely physical, with both people enjoying casual sexual encounters with few attachments. Friends with benefits is one of the longer types of casual sex you find with most having sex more than once.

In an ideal situation, both people agree to end things when it has naturally run its course, remaining friends with very little change in their personal relationship. That said, sometimes one person inadvertently becomes attached and starts developing feelings for the other, which can make reverting back to friends more challenging.

FWB has become more popular in recent years, especially amongst millennials, leading to an entire dating culture of its own. In fact, you can find many dating apps that cater to people exclusively looking for friends with benefits.

NSA - No Strings Attached

A lot more casual than FWB, no strings attached sex involves people that are less familiar with each other, often starting the night as complete strangers. Sometimes it's a longer period, days to weeks in many instances, with those involved taking the time to develop things before moving onto a sexual encounter.

Again, as the name suggests there are no strings attached, making it all very casual for everyone involved. It can be for one night only or be on-going, plough most NSA situations run their course naturally over time.

NSA can also be common with recently broke up couples, with many getting back together for some no strings attached sex before moving on again. It can happen when each person is feeling lonely or they simply realise that the best part about their relationship was the sex so want to relive this again.

Online dating has helped to spread this type of casual dating too, with countless NSA dating websites and apps that connect users looking for NSA sex, so it has never been easier to find someone looking for no strings fun no matter where you live

ONS - One Night Stand

Perhaps the most widely known type of casual dating is ONS. The one night stand is interesting as it can entail the other two types of casual sex. You can have a one night stand with a friend like FWB and many no strings attached sex occurs as a one-night thing!

The main idea behind a one night stand is that it happens for one night only. After that night, there are no expectations that things will go any further. Although there is a chance that this may develop naturally - many couples start as a failed one night stand!

One night stands happen with both strangers and people you know. While hooking up with someone you have just met is more common, there are instances of one night stands involving someone you know. Regardless, if it happens for one night and you don't see them again, it is considered a one night stand.

As soon as you make two encounters - things have progressed into NSA territory! Furthermore, many people that have a one night stand then progress towards FWB, often becoming a full-blown relationship if things continue to develop.

This shows just how closely linked the various types of casual sex are!

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