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8 Things Guys Like In Bed But Won't Ask For

guys want in bed

Men have a reputation for not always saying how they feel in a relationship, and this often translates into the bedroom. While most guys love any time spent in the bedroom, there are instances where they want certain things but will not always tell their partner.

Sometimes they are afraid of appearing vulnerable, other times its more down to general shyness, and some guys just don't even know how to tell you what they want in bed. Don't let this fool you into thinking they don't have desires that aren't always met, as there are lots of common things that guys want in bed but won't ask for.

Let's take a closer look at some of these things!

#1 Knowing Your Fantasies

Men love hearing about their partners fantasies, as it not only turns them on but also makes it easier to share their own. Women are known to be more expressive but not everyone is completely open about their kinks and desires in the bedroom, especially the more out-there ones!

So, if you want to encourage your guy to open up about what he wants in bed, start by telling more about what you love. It could be something as simple as a certain type of foreplay you love or a kinkier fantasy involving roleplay, dress up, bondage etc.

#2 Being Dominated

Now, this does not necessarily mean he wants you to tie him up and dominate him with a paddle (although for some guys it certainly does!), but more about taking charge of things and being in complete control.

After all, you've both likely enjoyed him taking charge and bossing you around, as this is a common role guys play in the bedroom, yet they rarely get the opportunity to be on the receiving end. Trust us when we say that most guys love to get bossed around in the bedroom, as seeing you in a powerful position is a big turn on, even if it doesn't require bondage play - although we recommend that too!

#3 Being Teased

We aren't talking about name calling here!

This is one that guys are less open about but don't let that fool you - they love being teased before, during, and after sex. Think strip teases, teasing foreplay, and generally just getting him more excited for what's to come.

Nothing quite matches building serious anticipation, so don't be afraid to start teasing him about what he could be enjoying, as it will make it even better once it happens.

#4 You Initiating Things

Guys have an unfair reputation for always thinking about sex and being the ones to initiate it. While there is some truth to this, it doesn't mean that it is something all guys want to do, as most find it incredibly attractive when their partner is the one looking to start the fun.

After all, it feels nice to be wanted, and when you are the one initiating things, it shows him that you want him as much as he wants you. Plus, being the one to always ask for sex is not the best feeling but most won't admit this, so take charge from time to time and start things yourself!

#5 Touching Yourself in Front of Him

Lots of people find pleasuring themselves in front of their partner embarrassing but don't let that hold you both back. Guys love getting a sneak peak of things to come, just like we mentioned about getting teased, so watching you pleasure yourself is only going to get him breathless in anticipation.

When doing this you show your confidence and sexuality, both of which are a big turn on and are sure to make things in bed even better. Plus, it also lets him see what you like most when being touched, so he can take notes for when it's his turn!

#6 To Hear Your Enjoyment

Firstly, never fake it to please him, as it only makes him think he is doing something right when he actually isn't. Instead, he wants to hear your honest enjoyment in bed, but asking for this is a tad embarrassing so you're unlikely to hear from him.

Now, even if you don't reach an orgasm you can still be vocal about what you are liking. Instead of just telling him to go faster or harder, let him know how much you are loving it at whatever pace you enjoy most, and don't be afraid to make general sounds of enjoyment to let him know he's doing it right.

Most guys want to ensure you have a great time with them, so let them know when they are or help guide them there yourself!

#7 A Slower Place

This isn't just about pacing himself so he lasts, but more so about changing up the pace so he can take it all in. Guys love sex at every pace but might be afraid to ask you to slow down, espiecally when things are going at a passionate, break-neck speed.

Taking the time to slow things down, whether its slower penetration or oral, gives him a chance to really enjoy every moment, while letting him recharge for a grand finale!

#8 Blow Jobs and Hand Jobs

These may not come as a surprise but there is something to remember - they don't always want to have to ask for it! Guys love it when you take things into your own hands (quite literally), with the surprise of not having to ask being very arousing.

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