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We're here to delve into everything sex and love, right from BDSM to the intricacies of dating and relationships. Sex Diaries Project is a sex blog for open discussion of all things adult. Regardless of your sexual orientation or gender, we really do have something for everyone. And truly hope that you enjoy exploring our blog posts and getting involved in our supportive and uplifting community. Whatever stage you are at in your sex life, we're here to guide and inform you every step of the way.

We update our site and upload new blog posts regularly. You can rest assured that we will be straight on hand to pick apart all the newest trends. If you have any requests or ideas for future topics, please do not hesitate to get in touch so we can delve a little deeper! For now, let's take a look at the five areas we regularly cover here at Sex Diaries Project.

Sex Tips

Whether you're into vanilla sex, BDSM, or anything else, we will provide you with the best tried-and-tested sex tips to spice up your sex life. Whatever your sexual preferences, we're sure to have something exciting for you to try out. Of course, our sex tips are LGBT inclusive. We do not want anyone to miss out on their best sex ever!


We're here to help and inform regardless of your relationship status (casual sex can be great, too!) but if you are in a relationship, this comes with its own unique considerations. We can provide the best guidance on making your relationship work as smoothly as possible. And it can help you keep things fresh and exciting in and out of the bedroom. Take a look at our 'relationships' section to ensure that spark stays alive well beyond the honeymoon period!

BDSM Lifestyle

Whether you're a seasoned regular in the BDSM world or are simply looking to dip your toes into something a little different, we will be diving into a whole host of important and exciting BDSM issues. Covering everything from the fundamentals like consent, safety and aftercare, to the variety of branches and roles within BDSM. We can effectively answer all your questions and provide you with the inspiration you need in this part.


Dating can feel like a bit of a minefield. But there are ways and means to boost your chances of meeting the right person. With online dating being the new norm, we're here to equip you with all the best kept secrets on the huge variety of apps and sites available, alongside more traditional dating tips and ideas. Whether you're after casual hook-ups or something more long-term, we will help you to efficiently navigate the complicated world of dating, ultimately achieving the best possible outcome for you.


On top of our wide coverage on every sex, relationships and dating topic imaginable. We also strive to stay bang up to date with all the freshest topical news. We will keep you constantly informed with all the latest in the dating and adult industries, and anything else of interest in the world of sex and relationships. Each trend we cover will be well-researched. And we will make sure to provide you with our best, unbiased take at all times.

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