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Skip the Date And Get Laid Whenever You Want - 5 Steps

Skip the Date

Step 1 to skip the date and get laid fast - Join a casual hookup site. Some hookup sites have a mix of profiles - people looking for kinky one-night stands, serious relationships, and friendly company all hang out on these websites. You won't be able to skip the date if they're the kind of person who won't go to your house before (or even on) the first date.

By joining apps or websites that are straightforward to hookups, you'll find a concentration of horny men or women that are more interested in a great lay than a great date. Here are some of the best hookup sites you should try, these websites will help you to skip the date and get laid quickly.

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Build a Great Profile

Step 2 - The number one best thing you can do for your sex life is to build a stunning profile. With great pictures and a well-written bio, you can make any person pause and think "I'd definitely sleep with them." With an impressive profile, you can make men and women want to skip the date before you even message them.

Be Picky About Your Pictures

First, you'll need some polarizing pictures. Average pictures, even if you look great in them, won't catch anyone's attention. Think of your photos like magazine covers. You want interesting backgrounds, great outfits, and enticing poses.

Show off your body but keep it classy. Instead of including half of a dirty-bathroom-mirror nude, give them a solo shot from your weekend at the beach. Give them an action shot of your shirts vs skins basketball game.

Wear colorful clothes, choose exciting locations, and show confidence. Include comfortable smiles (not forced ones!), sexy gazes right into the camera, and mildly suggestive poses.

You want to get them thinking about sleeping with you without looking like an overbearing tool. A little sweatpants bulge makes her think about what's underneath, but a pitched tent makes for a desperate profile.

Hand-Crafted Biographies Sell Better

If your biography looks like a carbon copy of every other person on the casual dating site or app, there's no reason for someone to choose you over another.

Your bio will make or break your profile. It shows what messaging you will be like. It shows what talking to you will be like. And it shows what you might be like in bed. Are you boring or creative? Are you lazy or hardworking?

The key to writing a great bio or a cool username is creativity. That's what will make you stand out. Think about what makes you unique. Why should someone choose you over another profile?

Be intriguing. Include details that leave them wondering. If you say, "the best time of my life was the summer of 2017," she's wondering why. If you say, "my wildest memory is an encounter with wild elephants from my trip to South Africa," he'll want to know more.

Don't fabricate fake interesting scenarios. No one likes a catfish. Be honest. Think about what makes you interesting and show that in your profile.

Find the Right Person

Step 3 - Let's be honest. You can tell by someone's profile what they're looking for.

Does she include selfies with a lot of cleavage? Are there semi-naked lingerie or swimsuit pictures? Did she spin around in that mirror selfie to reveal maximum ass? Do they stick her tongue out provocatively? People who include sexy pictures are trying to tell you that they want sex.

Does their bio include the peach, eggplant, and water droplet emojis? People who are up-front about searching for an online hookup are more likely to skip the date and come over to get it in.

Focus on messaging these accounts. The people who include funny, fully-clothed pictures with personality would be great lays, but they're less likely to skip the date and will require more effort to get in bed.

Don't Scare Them Off: No Red Flags

Step 4 - When people see red flags, they run. And rightfully so. You don't want to be that creepy guy. You don't want to be a condescending mansplainer.

There is a fine balance between confidence and cockiness. One will land you a partner—one will scare them all off.

To show confidence, without being cocky, assume that they'll respond well to your flirting. If they don't, be clear that you understand no means no.

It's cocky, annoying, and disrespectful to keep messaging someone after they show disinterest. Don't be that guy.

Another red flag is a dirty home. Make sure your house looks great in the background of your images. Clean your mirror before taking selfies.

Messaging Tips to Entice

Step 5 - You want to do more than just avoid the red flags. Actively show those green flags! Don't just avoid being overbearing. Shoot for being a good flirt. Be charming. Make jokes.

Show that you feel comfortable with them, and they'll feel more comfortable with you. Give genuine compliments. Show respect.

Don't just avoid revealing a mess in your pictures. Show interesting posters, a vintage record player, an organized closet, a made bed. A favorite show on the TV screen or a nice collection of shoes provides conversational material.

If someone brings these things up, you'll know they're interested. It means they took a long look at your photos.

Invite them over at the right time. Wait until you have a good opportunity. For example, if they mention something in your picture, you could ask if they'd like to see it in person or try it out.

Landing the line of asking someone over will make it or break it: think about how you might ask someone to skip the date.

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