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Casual Dating Vs. Serious Dating - Which Dating Style Is Perfect for You?

Casual serious dating

The world of romance is incredibly complicated. That is because we are complex beings with even more complex emotions. This complexity affects the way we perceive our relationships.

Of course, this is also why not everyone is made for serious dating. Some people just want a casual relationship and be more relaxed. This takes off the additional pressure of committing to someone.

If you still can't figure out the dating style that is perfect for you then you need to understand the difference between casual and serious dating. You need to understand what they entail so you can choose the one best for yourself.

Casual Dating

This is a more relaxed form of dating. It doesn't have any additional pressure because you haven't decided to commit to each other and be exclusive and you both know this.

You can also see other people. Of course, you should communicate this to each other first. This is because if you think you are casual dating and the other person thinks you are exclusive then that can be a recipe for dating disaster.

You both need to be on the same page about where you stand. If you are on a dating app and looking to find someone through that then you can specify in your bio that you are only looking to casually date.

This is a widely popular form of dating these days as not many people want to settle down.

Serious Dating

This is when you are committed to the person you are dating. You are not seeing other people and both of you are exclusive. There is an emotional attachment and you both recognize that.

Of course, even for this, you need to communicate and be on the same page. This is an ideal dating form for people who want love, stability, security, and companionship.

This is because through this form of dating you may want to have a future with the person you are dating. Of course, this doesn't mean that you get married and settle down right away but you both know that you are serious about each other.

Of course, marriage is not the end game. Many people are in a serious relationship for decades and still don't get married. This is completely up to you. However, you do need to talk to your partner about such things to clear any confusion about what you both want in the future.

Here are the many differences between these two types of dating forms to help you understand them even better.


When you are in a casual relationship, you are not monogamous. You have the freedom to see and date other people. This is because there is no commitment and there are no rules of being mutually exclusive. You can enjoy each other's company and that of other people.

On the other hand, serious dating involves being monogamous. You are only involved with the person you are dating. You are not seeing other people and your relationship is exclusive.

Level Of Commitment

Of course, when it comes to casual dating you are not serious about each other. This is because you have agreed to date for fun and to enjoy each other's company rather than worry about the future.

This is why the level of commitment in casual dating is low. You don't talk to each other all the time or every day and you don't tell each other everything. Of course, this is different for every couple involved in casual dating. So it depends on the boundaries you have set.

For people involved in serious dating, the level of commitment is much higher. You have both agreed that you are serious about each other. This means you see each other all the time and you also talk to each other daily. You share every important thing in your life with them and you also spend many nights together.

This also varies among couples. However, people involved in serious dating often move in with each other just so they can get to know each other more.

Level Of Intimacy

Both casual daters and serious daters are sexually active. However, in casual dating, you can be sexually active with other people as well. This affects the level of intimacy as it is lower because it mostly becomes about sex and you don't engage in too much sharing. Many casual couples refer to themselves as FWB (friends with benefits).

On the other hand when you are serious with someone you are sexually as well as emotionally intimate with them. You share your body as well as your mind and this deepens the level of intimacy between two individuals who are serious about each other.

Which One Is Better For You?

Only you can answer this because only you know what you want out of the dating experience. If you want to have fun and don't want to be monogamous then casual dating may be up your alley.

If you want something serious with trust, love, intimacy, and security then serious dating may be perfect for you. One important thing for both is to make it clear from the start.

Here are five tips for casual dating that may help you along the way:

  • Don't plan too much and don't plan ahead
  • Respect their space
  • If you start becoming attached then tell the other person so you can mutually decide what to do
  • Don't ghost them if you are done with them, ghosting is never okay
  • State your intentions from the start

Here are five tips for serious dating that may help you along the way:

  • Communication is key
  • Be consistent with your efforts
  • Don't see other people
  • Do things together that you both enjoy
  • Make plans

The world of dating doesn't seem so complex now does it? Now that you know everything about casual and serious dating you can decide the one that is perfect for you.

Do remember to make your intentions known and set some ground rules from the start!

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