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Down to Fuck? 4 Ways to Find DTF Women Near Me

DTF near me

Looking for a DTF woman? It is something many people struggle with, especially those using dating sites to try and find someone. These sites often focus on vanilla dating, meaning a lot of the users are there for conventional romance, relationships, and companionship.

While there is certainly nothing wrong with this, many people are looking for something different and less committed, with no-strings fun or friends with benefits sex being preferable. Thankfully, finding a DTF woman is not as impossible as you might think - you just need to know how to find them!

What is DTF (Down to FUCK)?

Before we get started you may be wondering what exactly a DTF woman is. DTF stands for down to fuck, which basically means that the person is down for sex, usually of a casual, no-strings nature.

A lot of people are DTF, they just won't admit as much. Sometimes you need to break the ice a little before things get physical, such as going on a date or chatting for a while before you meet up. With a DTF person, they are pretty much down for sex from the offset.

When people are single and looking for non-comital sex, sometimes it is better to find someone that is 100% DTF from the beginning. It means you both save time and effort by cutting out all the other stuff, skipping straight to the sex, which exactly what you both want.

DTF women are often viewed as a rarity. All women want love and romance, with most of them hating the idea of friends with benefits sex, one-night stands, and no strings fun? Wrong! This could not be further from the truth, as there are simply countless DTF women around the world.

Of course, it helps to know where to find these women, which is where our guide can help.

Let's take a look at 4 ways to better find DTF women:

Hookup Apps and Sites

While we mentioned that most dating apps focus on vanilla dating and relationships, there are plenty others like, and that cater to people seeking more casual fun. Many apps are used by single women that are DTF, although some are more popular than others so it helps to know what your options are.

Certain DTF dating apps are better than others. It is still a niche aspect of online dating, so it helps to go to apps that are popular as this means more users, therefore increasing the likelihood of being paired with someone that is DFT in your area.

Make sure you avoid the most popular dating sites and apps, such as, and as there are a lot of users that just want love and romance. Here, people are more likely to want to chat and get to know you first, which is only waiting both of your time.

These 15 hookup sites are good examples that focus on helping people to find DTF partner. Users are open about their desires, whether it is a one-off fling or an on-going no-strings arrangement, including single women and women in open relationships.

Sites such as this are your best place to start looking for a woman that is DTF. It also uses a location based matching system, increasing the chances of finding local DTW women.

Bars and Clubs

Sometimes you just need to go for the classic route of hitting a local bar or club to try and find a single woman that is DTF! While it may sound old-fashioned, trying to find a hook-up at a bar is still a great option.

Why? Because most of these people are single and ready to mingle! It may take a lot of effort, especially compared to chatting online, yet the truth is there are lots of people that head out on a night out to get laid.

So, by going to these places yourself, you are definitely increasing the chances of meeting a local person that is DTF. Just remember to avoid drinking too much, be respectful of anyone that is not interested in your advances, and that you may need to be patient until you find some success.

Try doing some research first. Look for bars and clubs catering to younger people, as these are the most likely to be single and looking for casual fun. Party vibes are a big turn on, so you want a club or bar with a hot crowd and good music.

Another option is to try a quieter bar, as this gives the chance to chat more intimately, which many find easier for flirting.


Meet up groups are still a thing and more popular than you might think, as the internet has made it even easier to bring like-minded people together. While it is unlikely there is a meet up group that is just DTF women looking for sex, there are groups where you are likely to meet single women.

Anywhere you are likely to meet women increases the chances of finding someone that is DTF, so don't be afraid to branch out and join a few meetup groups to see how it is. Single group meet ups are a good place to start, although you could easily try meetup groups around a particular interest that you have.

Regardless, you will want to look for signs that anyone there is DTF, especially if the meet up is not a dating-related one. Not everyone here is necessarily single and looking to meet someone, so play it by ear. Again, try just to be friendly and flirty, gauging their reaction and only pursuing it further if you get the right signs.

Get Set Up

Another old-fashioned option that is still viable today - ask a friend to set you up with someone! Of course, make it clear that you are only looking for sex, as you don't want to mislead anyone.

Ask them to set you up with someone that they think will be DTF, with certain signs to look out for such as them becoming recently single or being a generally promiscuous person. It's not a sure-fire way to get a hook up with a DTF woman but you would be surprised how many of these women are close to your social circle!

Plus, you can use social media to help you here. Look for single people that your friends know and check out their profiles, looking at their photos and bios to get an idea whether they may be DTF. For instance, does her Insta photos have her posing in a naughty or alluring manner? Is she showing a lot of flesh in her photos? Has she said something that clearly shows she is not DTF?

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