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8 Ground Rules for Friends With Benefits Relationships

Rules for Friends With Benefits

Non-monogamous relationships have never been more in fashion than they are now! You or a lot of people you know must have engaged in any form of this relationship. One such type of it is friends with benefits. Being considered a taboo before, people no longer consider it shameful to be involved in being friends with benefits. Well, why should they? After all the fun and convenience it has to offer, there is no surprise why more and more people, especially guys, are turning towards it. But, the guys need to establish some rules for both themselves and the opposite party at the beginning of the relationship to avoid getting hurt in the future.

Are you also one of the guys interested in being friends with benefits? Well, then you should definitely check some ground rules that we have listed for you before entering into it. Stay tuned!

1. Be Honest From The Beginning

The most important and the essential thing that you need to do is be honest about your intentions from the beginning. Do not try to lure them in by promising them a relationship that has a future. Instead, let them know from the very start about the type of relationship that you are interested in. If they too are fine with your idea and are on the same page as you, then you can continue pursuing it further.

2. Set Out Rules For Both Of You

To have a smooth experience, it is important that you set out rules with your FWB about what to expect in this short period. Define the dos and don'ts of the relationship and set out boundaries as well. It is always nice to be safe than sorry!

3. Practice Safe Sex

The main point to enter into friends with benefits is to have some amazing sex to satisfy your needs no doubt! But, safe sex is just as important as having amazing sex! For this purpose, condoms are a must! Not only will they prevent your short-term partner from getting pregnant, but it will also save both of you with many STDs as well. You surely would not want to get someone you do not see a future with pregnant! This is why condoms are essential to have a good time and not regret later.

4. Do Not Feel Forced To Give Them Something More

Maybe you get emotional after a few nights of awesome sex and you might feel forced to do more things with them such as going out on dinners, shopping, or movies. But, you need to remember that you are not obliged to do these things as the main point of a friend with benefit is to have some amazing sex and that's it!

5. Do Not Get Emotionally Attached

As friends with benefits is a short-term relationship, you surely do not want to get yourself emotionally attached to your partner or make them attached to you. This is why you need to avoid doing things that would bring you two emotionally closer such as having sleepovers. Sleeping with them and waking up next to them is a rather intimate thing to do. It will only make you more attached to them and you will have trouble ending the relationship later.

6. Do Not Cuddle

Just as sleepovers are a big no, cuddling with your FWB has many red flags as well. This can also lead you to be emotionally attached to them and will cloud your judgment later. But, if cuddling is a part of your set out rules, then there is no trouble. Otherwise, you should refrain from practicing it as you surely do not want to fall for someone you do not want a future with!

7. Do Not Expect More From Your Friend With Benefits

You should understand that your friend with benefit is only your short-term sex partner therefore, you should not expect them to do things that a serious partner would do for you. Neither expect nor go out of your way to do something romantic for them as it will only create attachments. Romantic dinners, flowers, and gifts are a big NO! You two should only have casual sex and that's it! You can even have some basic conversations but nothing too serious!

8. Do Not Introduce Them To Your Parents

Although this rule doesn't need to be pointed out but still, you should never introduce your friend with benefit to your parents because this relationship is supposed to be temporary! You would do not want your parents to nag you about your short-term partner nor do you want to create an impression that there is something serious going on between you two. Therefore, the best thing to do is to avoid the drama and keep things as low-key as possible.

Non-monogamous relationships are no doubt nowadays! But, if not done with proper care and rules, it might turn into a disaster. Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry by following the rules that are necessary to have a smooth experience!

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