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How Do You Know When a Guy is Emotionally Attached?

Guy is Emotionally Attached

Guys may seem rather simple and straightforward, but it can be difficult at times to tell if he is emotionally attached or not. However, for many men the signs are strong and obvious. To know for sure, the key is to pay attention to the many non-verbal clues that he will give off.

What follows are some tips you can use to help determine if a man is becoming emotionally attached. You may desire or not desire to have this occur depending on the type of relationship that you are seeking. For example, the sexual liberation has created relationships that have no strings attached or NSA. Such relationships can be difficult for many to navigate if they have never been in such a situation before. 

Initial Stages

Of course, it normally takes time for a man to start feeling emotional attachment in a relationship. The attachment progresses in different stages. For example, in the early stages he may want to be with you and share experiences such as hanging out with friends, attending concerts, and the like. He may feel deeply for you, but in a platonic way that does not put his emotions on the line.

Because no emotions have been generated, it's quite possible that one or both of you are seeing other people. In most cases, the initial sign of attraction is one that keeps a good distance from your emotions and that makes it easier to handle in case that person is not right for you.

Physical Attraction

It may not be fair, but biology is biology. What attracts you to a person is based initially on what you see. It is during this stage that you may be flirting, holding hands, and even kissing. The relationship has turned from just being with each other to touching each other. At this stage, the emotions have yet to fully come into play.

This is another protective stage that most men and women undergo before committing their emotions to the relationship. It is why many prefer to hold at this stage if they feel they are not ready or that is not their intention. Emotional attachment can be an issue if your intent does not match his.

A "friends with benefits" or FWB relationship only works if both people are not emotionally attached.

Emotional Attachment

This is the final stage of how relationships evolve into becoming a couple. It is not the physical element that is the sign, but rather how stories are shared about the day they are having, a past event in their lives, and the like. The talk turns to dreams about what he wants to be and what the future may have in store.

This is the stage in which a strong emotional attachment is forming. But what are the specific signs that this is happening in a man?

The Extra Mile

Perhaps the surest sign that he is becoming emotionally attached is how he will do far more for you than asked. He'll mow the yard, pull the weeds, and drive hours just to see you. What seems to be a real burden is a price well worth paying for him. This is a sure sign of emotional attachment is forming because his priorities are changing.

More Contact

You'll be in touch with him more through texts, emails, posts on social media and calling you when he can. That is because hearing your voice or seeing a response from you triggers a positive feeling in his mind. Your voice, your words, your response becomes more a part of his emotional system. He feels better knowing he is in contact with you.

The reverse is also true when you know that he doesn't have an emotional connection. If he is not texting, calling, or reaching out, chances are he is not at the point of being emotionally connected. That's not to say he will not get there, but he is clearly not there yet.

He Remembers Things Important to You

Let's face it, most men have a difficult time remembering what is important to them, let alone anyone else. But given his emotional attachment that is forming, it becomes more important to him that the things you find important such as your birthday, where you like to eat, your favorite perfume, and so forth. It's a sign when he remembers it's more than just caring. He is making your priorities his priorities.

Asking for Advice

One common trait among most men is that asking for advice is a sign of weakness. Therefore, if he is asking your advice about what to do, then it means he not only trusts your answer, but he is letting his guard down. Usually, this starts with minor things, but it will not be long before he is asking about major items. By asking for your advice, he wants you to be a part of his life.

He Says He Wants to Be with You

Men can be quite direct about their feelings. So, if he says he wants to be with you, that he feels a connection to you, then it's most likely true. Sure, he might be lying, but men often avoid issues they find uncomfortable. By stating it flatly, it most likely means that he is building an emotional attachment.

If a man demonstrates one or more of the signs, then you can assume he is becoming emotionally attached. When you feel the same way towards him, then both of you are on the path to a stronger, closer relationship. If that is not what you want, then the sooner you can tell him, the easier it will be for him to reverse his emotional connection. Just be sure it is what you want and to act sooner rather than later.

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