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6 Levels Of Intimacy In A Relationship

Intimacy In Relationship

Intimacy refers to the feeling of being close to your partner both emotionally and physically. It also implies sharing all your thoughts, emotions, and encounters that you faced with your partner. Being able to talk without being judged, conveying your contemplation and feelings, showing vulnerability, and communicating to them about your deepest desires is what intimacy consists of.

There are different levels of intimacy in a relationship, and they are developed with time. It needs consistency and hard work from both sides to maintain intimacy in a relationship. Finding and nurturing closeness with somebody you love can be one of the most remunerating parts of a relationship. Besides achieving passionate and sexual closeness, you can form an intimacy with them mentally, monetarily, profoundly, imaginatively, and even at times of crisis.

Intimacy has different levels depending on what stage you are on your relationship with your partner. Let's take a look at how intimacy develops with the development of your relationship.

#1 The Infatuation Stage

A relationship needs to be initiated from somewhere. You may form a crush on someone at the most unusual places such as the internet, through acquaintances, in a social gathering, or anywhere else. These different meeting places may allow you to form a harmless crush over someone resulting in the increase of your hormones level. You become infatuated with them and keep checking up on them through different means. This stage consists of no intimacy but you keep imagining different scenarios with them hoping that they would turn true one day.

#2 The Knowing Each Other Stage

This is the stage where both of you develop the attraction that was established during the initial meeting. At this point, you try to explore one another to find out if you should take this relationship to the next level or not. The ones who were already friends before, this would be the time for you to see each other from a new perspective. Although you already know them from before, you will now perceive each other as potential romantic partners. Intimacy also starts forming when you start telling them things about yourselves.

#3 The Honeymoon Stage

This is the phase where everything is new and exciting. This period is continually energizing and elating. You will feel like you have never experienced anything like this before. It would be the height of your relationship. You will feel like nothing would turn out bad because you two just connect on all levels. You will be completely head over the heels about your partner and will do exciting things together. There is a great level of physical intimacy present in this period as well. You would not want to get out of bed! But, keep in mind that this honeymoon period doesn't last.

#4 The Landing Stage

The end of the honeymoon period comes with the realization period. You will start noticing all the weird and annoying habits of your partner. Are they actually this lame? Why do they laugh so weirdly? Are they really short on cash? Do we really have different points of view? These are some examples of the things that may start troubling you at the end of your honeymoon period. But the most important thing to know is whether you value your partner enough to live with all their weird habits or not. Thus, this stage will land you right into a reality. Affection will start forming replacing the feelings of infatuation and lust you previously had.

#5 The Locking It Down Stage

Realizing that you two want to be forever together would take your relationship to a whole new level of intimacy. If you have gone past the infatuation stage and if love is still present then it might be the time for you two to lock your relationship down. This level of relationship comes with all the love and affection that you now feel for your partner.

#6 The Coexistence Stage

By now, you must have realized that no one is perfect. Both of you might have different habits that annoy each other. You will fight with them, you will make up with them. Everything would go perfect one minute and some argument occurs over the next. Despite all these things, there is love present between both of you and you decide to coexist overlooking each other's flaws. You face life together and the different challenges it throws at both of you as a team!

Intimacy is no doubt an important aspect of any relationship and it evolves with time. So, don't expect that the level of intimacy you had at the beginning of your relationship will stay the same throughout.

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