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Is Sex Important In A Relationship?

sex in relationships

A relationship comprises many aspects that have to go well together for it to be successful. Sex is not everything but it is an important part of any relationship. Of course, this depends on individuals too. Some may give too much importance to sex and some may not.

Why Sex Is Not Everything To Some People

Couples who don't engage in sex too often can still have relationships that are healthy and fulfilling. This is because there may be a reason for them to not engage in sex too often.

These reasons can include:

- Abstaining from sex before marriage

- Having a low sex drive

- Want to wait and see compatibility before having sex

- Having a medical condition

Just because someone wants to abstain from sex because of this or any other reason, it doesn't mean that the relationship is doomed. It also doesn't mean that your partner has no regard for your feelings.

It just means that their perspective is different and they don't see sex as an important foundation for a healthy relationship.

Why It Is Important For Some People

For some people, sex is one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship. If they don't have sexual chemistry with their partner then chances are they won't last with them for too long.

This is because they need the sexual connection and passion to be there. Here are the many reasons people find sex important in a relationship:

- The more sex they have with their partner the more secure they feel in the relationship

- They view sex as a means to enhance their bond with their partner

- Their love language is physical touch. This means they show love and affection through sex or any other activities that require physical touch

- They find it fun and love engaging in it for the pleasure

- They equate sex with intimacy

Of course, this varies from person to person and there may be many other reasons why sex is important to many couples.

Benefits Of Sex In A Relationship

It doesn't matter if you think sex is important or not. However, if you don't think it is important or beneficial then you need to read further. Even science has backed the benefits that come with a fulfilling, healthy, and sexual relationship.

Here are the many benefits of the importance of sex in a relationship:

Helps Relieve Stress

Any movement is a great way to release tension from your body. Sex is also a movement that helps you get rid of the stress you have accumulated in your body.

If you have had a long and stressful day then sex with your partner can do wonders to help you de-stress. Of course, while it may relieve you of stress you might be wondering how is it important to your relationship?

Well, the less stressed out you are, the happier you will feel in your relationship. The better you feel during it the better you will feel about your relationship. So, if you have been feeling stressed out because of which you have not been intimate with your partner then try having sex!

Improved Sleep Quality

When you orgasm during sex, it releases a hormone called prolactin. This is a hormone that is responsible for helping you have a deep sleep. This is because it prolongs your time in the REM stage.

When you engage in sex often and provide orgasms then your quality of sleep automatically improves as well. To lead a healthy life you need to have a good night's sleep and sex can help you achieve that.

Less sleep or poor quality sleep equals irritability and this can cause problems with your partner. It is good for your relationship because it promotes mental wellbeing.

Helps Boost Confidence

If you fail to connect with your body and are not confident about it then sex can provide as a booster. This is because you can learn to love your body through sex.

All of us have some insecurity about a part of our bodies to some extent. However, when someone else recognizes beauty in those aspects then it can help you to love that part too.

Slowly and gradually it can boost your confidence and you will feel more secure in your body. The better you feel about your body, the better you will feel during sex. So if you want more satisfaction then use sex with your partner as a confidence boost.

Boosts Happiness

Sex releases many hormones that help you in feeling good. It releases dopamine in your brain and this automatically makes you feel happy. It also releases other hormones such as endorphins which alleviate stress.

These hormones can be imbalanced in the brain because of which you may feel sad. If you want a quick fix to this imbalance then engage in sex and see how instantly your mood becomes better!

Should Sex Be Important To You And Your Partner?

This entirely depends on what you want and need. Sex is a great tool to increase intimacy and enhance your bond with your partner. With that being said, it may not be for everyone. There are people out there who are Asexual and that is okay too.

It is all about finding the right balance. Sex should be an integral part of your relationship but not everything should revolve around it. There are other ways to build intimacy too so explore those as well. Never limit yourself to one possibility.

So, the importance you place on sex depends on you and your partner and what you both want.

Final Thoughts

Sex is as important as you want it to be. Many people have fulfilling and happy relationships even without having sex too frequently. The important thing is to communicate and be honest about where you both stand when it comes to physical intimacy.

If you don't see sex as important then there are other ways to build intimacy too. You just have to find what works for you and your partner. This way you will maintain the health of your relationship for a long time!

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