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NSA Fun Meaning Explained - How to Make it Work?


You may have heard the term NSA fun on some of the casual dating sites and apps before. If you have never had NSA fun or never used the term yourself you may not know exactly what it means. Today we are going to take a look at what NSA fun means. We aren't going to stop there, we are going to continue on to take a look at how to find an NSA partner and how to make the NSA relationship work.

Definition of NSA Fun

First NSA stands for No Strings Attached. When you add fun to the definition, you are simply talking about any kind of NSA activity. But what exactly is no strings attached? It can mean something slightly different for everyone who enjoys such a relationship, but in general NSA relationships are ones in which there are no expectations.

By no expectations it often means that they have no commitment to each other, no expectation that you will give gifts to each other, and no need to do anything outside of the fun that you have. In many cases NSA also means that you do not meet each other's friends or even talk about each other.

How to Find a Partner for NSA Fun

You can find NSA fun in just about any arena that you want to. Some people find their NSA partners among their friends. That being said, it can be very hard to maintain NSA relationships among friends, especially if you decide to stop having the fun or if the friend says no. That is, unless the NSA relationship happens naturally among friends, and you can turn this kind of relationship into FWB - Friends with Benefits.

A common place for a very long time to find an NSA partner is at a club, bar, or similar location. Many people who go to these locations are open to having fun, sometimes one night fun but others times for recurring NSA fun. It all involves being open to talking to those you encounter and approaching them properly.

Go Online

The best way to find NSA fun though is through the internet. Quite a variety of different sites exist to help you connect with others for NSA fun. Some traditional dating sites even include features for NSA fun. In many cases though, a traditional dating site is not the option you want. Instead, look at the many different NSA hookup sites specifically for NSA fun, such as, POF, Tinder and Okcupid.

With these sites you have more privacy and don't have to worry about filtering through so many users who are interested in something more serious. Additionally, sites dedicated to NSA fun have far more users who are interested in the same thing that you are.

A Quality Profile

A big part of finding someone for NSA fun is creating a quality profile. Your profile is what makes you attractive to other users. In 99% of cases you don't have to be the most attractive person on the site, you just have to be able to catch the attention of other users.

Create something crafty and something that doesn't focus on sex. If your profile focuses heavily on sex, you will find that many users aren't interested in being with you. The same goes for first messages. This is because a partner for NSA fun still has to be attracted to you on some level.

Also ensure that you have at least one photo. A few photos work best so that people know that you are real. A picture helps build trust with other users and multiple pictures shows that you are not only a real person but at least close to what your pictures look like. After bad experiences on dating sites, many users want to take every possible measure to ensure what they see/read is what they are going to get.

How to Maintain NSA Relationship

NSA relationships are not like traditional ones. You have no expectations and for someone who has never been in one that can be difficult. There are people who aren't quite suited for an NSA relationship, a good example of such a person is someone who gets attached to others easily. No matter who you are though, there are certain things that you can do to help ensure that NSA fun will work. Have a look at some of those things that you can do.

Do Not Get Attached

The number one rule of an NSA relationship is that you are not to get attached. Once you are feeling attached, the relationship is no longer No Strings Attached. Many NSA relationships end when people start to get attached.

If you start to feel like you are getting attached it is important to talk to your partner. Before you talk to them though, it is important to decide whether you want to try becoming something more than NSA or whether you want to end the relationship.

Discuss Everything

While it may sound counter intuitive to a no strings attached relationship, you need to discuss your relationship beforehand. Discuss the important factors like:

  • Whether you will meet each others friends
  • Whether the relationship stays in the bedroom
  • What kind of physical relationship are you looking for?
  • Is it okay to have some aspects of a traditional relationship without the attachment?
  • Determine whether or not you are going to discuss things outside of the NSA relationship
  • Determine whether or not other people can be told about your relationship

These are just some of the major discussion topics that should be brought up in any NSA relationship. Every relationship is different and for that reason it is important to consider what aspects will specifically affect your relationship.

Another important topic to discuss is whether your relationship is going to be open or not. Your partner has the right to know if you are sleeping with other people for their own health. If the relationship is going to be open make sure you have a plan to protect yourselves (i.e. wear a condom).

Pick Someone You Aren't Already Attached To

Some NSA relationships start out as friendships and because one party is attracted to or attached to the other party, the NSA relationship starts out with an attachment. Starting out this way is putting your relationship in the path of failure right away. Preexisting feelings can be hard to control when it comes to NSA relationships.

Be Yourself

A lot of people who are in NSA relationships feel like they have to be someone else, the person that they think people would expect to be in an NSA relationship. Don't change yourself in order to be in any kind of relationship. Just be yourself. If you try to be someone else, you won't just ruin the relationship but can end up hurting yourself and your partner.

Not to mention that pretending to be someone else can easily be seen as a form of lying.

Don't Jump Right In

No matter what platform you choose to use for finding an NSA partner you shouldn't just jump right in. Take the time to make sure that the person feels proper as a partner for an NSA relationship. Not only will this help to ensure you find the right partner, but helps to ensure your safety.

The time that you spend talking with someone before meeting up and before a relationship helps to get to know them and make sure they aren't out there to hurt you. Safety should always be in your mind when meeting someone from the internet or even being around someone you just met at a bar.

Take Care of Your Needs

We all have needs and when it comes to relationships it can be hard to put those needs first. When you are in an NSA relationship your partner isn't there to care for you, make sure to take the time that you need for self-care. Self-care is important and it will help to keep your relationship strong. Putting yourself last will result in a lot of stress and make it hard to truly enjoy the NSA relationship.

Have A Plan for What Comes After

No matter how good your NSA relationship starts out, it will come to an end at some point. You might be the one to end it or your partner might be the one to end it. Make sure to have a plan for when this happens. It can be quite jarring to go from having an NSA relationship to having nothing. Your plan doesn't have to be complicated, it can even be as simple as starting back at the first place to find a new NSA partner. The point is you have a plan.

No strings attached fun has always been a popular activity but it wasn't until recently that the internet simplified the act of finding a partner. Not just that, the fact that society has become a lot more open about sex and relationships. If you are interested in having an NSA relationship, we highly recommend following the tips here to make the most out of the relationship.

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